Holistic Physical Therapist & Wellness Coach, Wendy Retzer uses her distinct intuitive and healing abilities to identify issues beyond muscle tissues that stand in the way of total health and profound healing. Wendy helps women restore and heal their bodies after an injury or trauma to live pain free, vibrant & strong lives. Women who wake up in the morning in pain with no energy, and who want to do something about it find improvement working with Wendy.

Wendy guides women to connect with their innate ability to heal themselves. As a result, they reduce pain & stress from the inside out after the first session.

Women experience lasting results in as few as four treatments. Wendy creates a personalized plan for each woman with simple self-care tools to help support them forever.

Wendy understands, at a personal level, what it takes to go from no energy and pain, to waking up feeling awesome. Ten years ago, in her late 30’s, Wendy learned she had a heart condition that alerted her to wake up and change her life and how she lived it. Her neck and shoulders were always in pain. She struggled with the guilt of saying no to volunteer opportunities, knowing that help was needed but feeling she didn’t have the energy levels to do it. She struggled with daily self care to get her body healthy again. Through these experiences Wendy gained insight and made simple shifts in her behavior to get back on track and live a vibrant energetic life.

Since 2007, Wendy has combined her work as a physical therapist with ongoing mind and body integration training to best serve her satisfied clients.