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Attitude Adjustment

Last week I met with a friend and we were discussing how we start our day, from choosing what we read first thing in the morning, to what foods we put in our bodies. We both realized that scrolling through our Facebook and Twitter news feeds was sending our attitudes, and also the day, into a downward spiral. I told her, “Ok, I’m not scrolling through my Facebook and Twitter news feeds for the month of February!” She agreed that she would do the same.

Neither of us are trying to hide out and ignore what is going on around us. We just need a break.

I’ve been getting angry with myself for getting sidetracked from reaching my own person and business goals. That’simportant to me. It’s something I can control. I can’t control all that’s going on in the world. I can only do my part of taking care of myself, my family and the community around me. The issues I can make a call, or write aletter about, I do. But to have my own life go to ruins because I’m sidetracked on someone else’s agenda is not going to happen. Share what you’re doing for your own attitude adjustment.



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What’s Going Well For You Today?

“What’s going well for you today?”

I had to stop and think for a moment when my friend asked me this question the other day. I shouldn’t have to think about what went well, but I did. I realized that my complaints come forward much faster than all the goodness that happens in my day.

My friend requested that if each time we spoke that I ask her the same question instead of “How are you?” She said she would really appreciate it because she was working on making better connections in her brain focusing on the positive rather than going negative.

This is a  great self care habit to adopt.

I’ve been doing some experimenting with that statement this past week. What I’ve noticed for myself is I’ve started to scan my brain and be aware of the positive and inspiring points in my day and focusing on those moments rather than the negative ones.

When I ask friends that question, it takes them back a bit, like it did me the first time. It’s been fun to experience the great conversations that have ensued since I’ve started to ask this particular question.

 I taught a senior exercise class on Monday. I opened the class challenging them to ask people from now on, “What’s going well for you today?”

I told them it was better then hearing an organ concert at meal time. “My kidneys, my lungs and oh my gallbladder!” They all agreed that they were going to try out this new question and report back to me next week.

I want to challenge each of you now to answer for yourself and ask the question to your friends.

What’s going well for you today?

Please share in the comments below.

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The E Word

What is the E word I am referring to?


This word invokes euphoria in some folks and others it sends into a pit of despair.

I evaluated a new patient with low back pain. She is an older woman who told me in the first 15 minutes of the assessment that she knows it is all her fault she is in the condition she is in because she has never exercised.


As I listened to this woman tell me her goals and dreams for what she wants to do the only path to those goals is to EXERCISE.

I knew I had to figure out quickly how to connect with this woman and make exercise cool for her.

I am so lucky (hear the sarcasm) that people think they know what Physical Therapy is going to do for them. They automatically believe they will get a list of exercises and the PT leaves and that’s it. (Sadly it is this way for some people).

I asked my patient, “Do you like to exercise?” Her reply, “No, but….I know I should.”

Ouch again!

When anyone “should’s” themselves nothing gets done in joy, actually nothing gets done. (I am speaking from personal experience on this one.)

I asked her, “How about we change the word exercise to move? Does move sound ok to you?” She paused, “Yes, I like the word move.” I instructed her from that point on we would use the word move, movement or moving.

A smile returned to her face.

Her homework for the the next few days were to explore all the different ways she could move her body that felt good. She had been in so much pain that she needed a change in perspective that she still could move parts of her body that did not hurt.

My first visit back, she went into explaining the guilt she felt by not doing the “exercises”. I reminded her that she was moving and not exercising.

She laughed and once again a huge smile returned to her face.

She is not 100% pain free yet. I don’t know if she is going to get there with all the complications she has. However, if I can help her move more by just one word change, that is success.

Exercise or Move? Which one makes you smile?