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Attitude Adjustment

Last week I met with a friend and we were discussing how we start our day, from choosing what we read first thing in the morning, to what foods we put in our bodies. We both realized that scrolling through our Facebook and Twitter news feeds was sending our attitudes, and also the day, into a downward spiral. I told her, “Ok, I’m not scrolling through my Facebook and Twitter news feeds for the month of February!” She agreed that she would do the same.

Neither of us are trying to hide out and ignore what is going on around us. We just need a break.

I’ve been getting angry with myself for getting sidetracked from reaching my own person and business goals. That’s important to me. It’s something I can control. I can’t control all that’s going on in the world. I can only do my part of taking care of myself, my family and the community around me. The issues I can make a call, or write a letter about, I do. But to have my own life go to ruins because I’m sidetracked on someone else’s agenda is not going to happen.

Share what you’re doing for your own attitude adjustment.

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Miracle Zone 2017

My own self care process involves me being part of the Your Year Of Miracles Program created by Marci Shimoff & Debra Poneman

I’ve had pages filled with miracles that have occurred in my life since the inception of the program.

Marci & Debra give so much of themselves throughout the entire year for this program.

I’m excited to wake up on Monday mornings for my Monday Morning Miracle Messages to start off my week.

This year for 2017, Marci & Debra are offering a free ebook you can download here The 4 Biggest Mistakes that Keep You From Living a Miraculous Life, you’ll also have the opportunity to claim a free spot in their upcoming 3 Secrets to a Life Filled with Miracles webinar. I know their webinar will rock – especially the live Q and A where they will personally answer your questions and coach you in real time!


I hope you’ll join me for the adventure in 2017!

FYI: To keep everything legal I need to let you know that I’m an affiliate for this program that I believe in so much and will I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post