8 Daily Habits to Feel Great

Several years ago I wrote down the eight daily habits I needed to be a part of my life to help me remain happy, healthy and sane. Like most people during the holidays, I got off track a bit and I have felt the difference in my energy levels since.

I would like to share with everyone again what I do each day. It is my hope that this gives someone the boost they need to begin to take care of themselves in a passionate and caring way this year.

My 8 Daily Habits to Feel My Best

  1. 30 Minutes Daily Exercise
  2. Drink 80 oz of Water
  3. 6-8 small meals per day of yummy healthy food. (veggies, nuts, proteins & fruit)
  4. Daily Meditation/Prayer/Bible Reading
  5. High Quality Nutritional Supplements
  6. Affirmation/Gratitude List
  7. 30 minutes uninterrupted play with children or husband
  8. Deep Breathing

Let me know how you create space in your day to take care of yourself.